Bob Placek – 8th Grade Graduation

The invitation scanned here was for Bob’s 8th grade graduation from the Trautwein School (Racine, WI) in 1952.  Originally built in 1912, the Trautwein School was enlarged with an addition in 1954. Students at the time petitioned to keep the school’s original tower, which housed the old Trautwein bell. The school, known at the time as one of the four Western Complex Schools (along with Bartlett, Hood Creek and Franksville), closed in 1981.  Biob is in the bottom row, second to right.Bob Placek - 8th Grade Graduation

A photo from the Internet of the Trautwein School.

Trautwein School

Bob Placek Takes a Navy Trip

As a student at NSB High, Bob Placek was selected to go on a Navy trip where they cruised from Jacksonville to Norfolk.  Perhaps he was interested in the Navy, but my guess is he took the trip just for the plane rides at the beginning and end!


Harold Placek’s New Business

From the October 14, 1954 edition of “The Pelican”:

After moving the family to New Smyrna Beach from Racine, Grandpa Placek started a local business selling and servicing televisions.  Article includes information on the family.003web